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3 motor mid-size passenger automobile.


The chassis is lifted from a 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo. The roofline has been chopped 2.5 inches and the track width by 2 inches. A lot of carbon fiber has been used and as much weight has been stripped simply because a lot of weight has been added.


GReddy Type-S suspension kit with a large 46mm dia. pistons in a Mono-tube shock, 32-way adjustable damping, adjustable base and spring perches, thick billet upper mounts, and a lightweight coil springs. Instead of the common heavy spring rates, that offer harsh rides and easily loose traction on bumpy American roads, Type-S systems utilize a relatively softer spring with a longer stroke to maximize traction on race tracks or on the street.

Brakes are from Brembo both calipers and rotors on 18 inch BBS alloys


The batteries are a mix of 18650 lithium ions, 3-Cell LiPo’s, & optima racing batteries. Crazy? I know! But, you are able to configure the batteries in really effective ways. Place batteries along the frame, body panels and floorboards. (this cost a TON of money)


Recharging via braking is primarily done by the two front motors directly & independently attached to each of the two front wheels via drive shafts. This has significantly improved recharging characteristics simply because the setup works as such that the front motors only begin to work at over 25 mph. Below 25 mph, it primarily behaves as brakes and assisted by the brembos in the event of aggressive breaking. At speeds above 25 mph, the front motors assist the rear motor to provide additional power and dynamic recharging takes over. (Dynamic recharging occurs when there are uneven power needs due to imperfections on road surfaces: meaning some motor breaking is applied to maintain maximum grip on the road)

Primary recharging is accomplished via an Air Compressed generator. A 10 gallon tank is in the rear. The benefit of this is a tire inflator at a gas station is always handy. Also, the air being released is also being used for cooling. (im working on a carbon fiber tank)
This generator kicks when the batteries are at 80%. The generator continues to work until it gets the batteries to 100% or runs out of air.


There are two Modified NetGain 8inch diameter Motors with a direct drive shaft to the wheels producing an estimated 95 hp each at peak.

There is one modified NetGain 11inch diameter motor at the rear.

This is managed by a controller and pc.


500+ Miles on Japanese mountain roads.

I hope to build a 4 motor/AWD on a tesla motor and battery unit around a Mercedes Benz CLS or Mercedes Benz CL

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