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Front Breaking and Regeneration

December 6, 2008

The Prius and many other front drive & front mounted engines (both hybrid and ev) do regenerative breaking. Why doesnt it work better? Largely because, they are still relying on the traditional setup of having the primary disk breaks do the work. Also, the engine they have attached to the car is simply not designed to be a generator.

Theres a lot of opportunity in generating energy if the 2 front wheels are delegated to both solely independently generate power.

Imagine a setup that both front wheels independently have two separate generators attached to the wheels via a light shaft. Imagine that its computer controlled that knows exactly how much braking is needed to stop the car and where is the break pedal positioned relative to the floor. Imagine if the car also knows what is your cruising speed and incline/decline of the terrain relative to each wheel. Imagine that you have the front break calipers slaved to the magnetic break generators.

now we have system that can intelligently break the car and efficiently recapture energy.

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