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Asking the right questions

December 6, 2008

As problems get exponentially more difficult, the need to ask the right questions increasingly becomes necessary.

The major pursuits seem to revolve around, better batteries, lighter cars, and faster motors.

I think those are great pursuits; but I think that we have largely ignored power generation.

– Is main drive engine the right tool to delegate regeneration?
– Is having the car immediately go to regeneration once there is no input from the throttle immediately taking away the kinetic force built up by the engine?
– How much energy has been “created” once the car is in motion? (lets say at 35mph or 45mph?)
– How much energy can be recaptured without needing the engine to rebuild that force?
– Can the car generate energy while cruising with out consuming the main drives force on the wheels?
– Is passive regeneration possible?

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