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Dissapointing 6 months

December 3, 2008

In the past 6 months, I’ve gotten a chance to test drive about 20 or so Electric/Alternative energy vehicles. And I must say that I’ve been sorely disappointed.

Most of them I feel are basically doing the same thing as the others and not really trying to understand and solve the problem. Most of them revolve around super lightweight or small cars. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a wroth while endeavor but I haven’t really seen any breakthroughs that just make me gasp with a “wow”. Here are a few things I think that need further research.

– Chassis design
o mix and matching technologies such as aluminum and carbon fiber
o incorporating design for battery space
– Battery & Recharging
o Better utilization studies on depletion, recharge, & non contiguous battery design
o Recharging using other than petrol or “regenerative braking” such as compressed air, helium, heat, etc..
o Recharging systems that take a simple “power plug”
– Engine/motor/drive design
o Different types of electric motors outside of the simple rotary design
o Better “in-wheel” motors (highly unlikely)
o Transmission and power utilization
o In-Transmission motor design

Everyone has been so involved in getting the car out to the market and no one has actually created innovation.

If I were the major car companies, I would start rummaging through their motorsport department. There’s a ton of empirical data that can be directly applied to the next generation of automobiles. Porsche and Mercedes have a great program that can now be directly applied. They have done an awesome job on their ECU’s that im currently employing to design my engines.

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